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The Spirit of the Future, Engineered Today.

Luxury today has gone stale, with little or no innovation. Brands are happy to sit within fixed squares, content with doing as they have always done. The result is both repetitive and uninspiring.

Frustrated by this lack of imagination, we ignited a rebellion in 2015, seeking to rediscover the excitement and brilliance that luxury once promised. To do so, we had to break away from the past and draw inspiration from the future, setting upon a path that few have dared to tread. The colour Gray came to symbolise our ideals, representing our commitment towards uniting the craftsmanship of the past with the aesthetic of the future.

Non-Conformism It is only by mastering the rules of the box that we are able to think beyond it. While respectful of tradition, we are never constrained by it. We stand on the shoulders of giants but always walk in our own shadow, with the courage to assert our unique identity in each creation.
Hyper Modern Designs Our designs are a visual journey in itself, engineered to offer you a glimpse into the future. Bold, aggressive and rebellious, our work takes the ordinary and elevates it into the realm of impossibilities, allowing you to rediscover the brilliance of luxury.
Fine Craftsmanship We build well, and we build to last. In a world where great design is increasingly sacrificed for speed, our attention to detail sets us apart from the pack. Our work is our art, and every aspect, however seemingly insignificant, is of critical importance to us.
Aggressive Minimalism
Our designs are inspired by the mavericks, the select few who possess both the creativity to understand the box and the courage to think outside of it into the future. We honour them in our signature aesthetic, which strikes a balance between an aggressive, futuristic aesthetic and a commitment towards minimalism and simplicity in execution.
Exquisite Craftsmanship
We build well, and we build to last. In a world where great design is increasingly sacrificed for cost, the attention to detail we place in our craft sets us apart. Only the most exceptional materials are used to bring our designs to life, and we labour over every aspect of production in order to deliver something truly exceptional to your hands.
Every product from Gray has two stories to tell: one of the people who made it, and the other of the man who uses it. As part of our commitment to create something truly unique, we provide many degrees of personalisation for our clients and reserve a special place on all our designs for your name to be engraved beside ours.