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Richard Mille: RM 27-01
September 04, 2016

A throwback to one of the watches that got us loving the highly exclusive Richard Mille brand. It was not too long ago when we were so enthralled by the sole fact that the whole watch mechanism of the RM 27-01 was suspended by stainless steel cables that we just fell in love with how the brand was pushing the boundaries of the watch industry. 

Thoughtfully created for Rafael Nadal and inspired by the forces at play during high-level tennis matches, the whole of its mechanical architecture, weighting just 3.8 grams, was skilfully designed and constructed in taut suspension on a network of shock absorbers anchored in the thickness of the case. 

The baseplate of the RM 27-01 is attached to the case by 4 braided steel cables each with a diameter of just 0.35mm. These cables are held taut by an ingenious mechanism of tensioners (located at 3 and 9 o'clock) and pulley which act like pylons positioned at the four corners of the movement. The mechanism designed to stay in suspension inside its case, can withstand accelerations of over 5,000 G.

The case of the RM 27-01 is made from an extremely strong anthracite polymer injected with carbon nanotubes. This combination produces a material that protects the movement and the tourbillon positioned inside it against impacts.The crystal, with its anti-glare reflective treatment, has remarkable properties that ensure extreme toughness and optimum rigidity.

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