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Money Can't Buy: The NMD "Pitch Black"
September 03, 2016

To commemorate the success of the addition of the Color BOOST to the NMD range, Adidas is dropping a limited edition, "money can't buy", Pitch Black pair of NMD_R1 Primeknits.

And boy, does it look good.

 Available only in an extremely limited edition set of 500, the Pitch Black will be sent directly to special parters and influencers, with a 100 editions being reserved for a snapchat contest run by Adidas.

All decked in black with a shade of onyx splashed across the shoe, the edition also features a special "1/500" numbering found at the rear tab, as if its exclusivity needed to be stated once more.
The collection extends even beyond the pair of shoes, with an even more exclusive "Urban Utility" package for selected individuals, coming in a blacked-out Rimowa Suitcase with all-black accessories from brands such as Porter, SIGG, Braun, as well as an Adidas Originals NMD black sneaker dust bag.