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Linde Werdelin LW 10-24
August 02, 2016
In 2006, Linde Werdelin introduced the Founders Watch, a GMT timepiece that was sold by invitation only. This year, to celebrate their tenth anniversary, Linde Werdelin goes back in time to pay homage to the watch its pioneer timepiece. Introducing the anniversary special LW 10-24 that similarly, will only be offered by invitation to a select group of individuals. 

The LW 10-24 comes in two flavours, with each being limited to 96 pieces. Available in an 18K rose gold outer case or in a carbon case obtained using a 3-dimensional thin ply process, the hands of the timepiece are skeletonized with the 'Trigon' pattern unique to the company, with the lume on the dial borrowed from the Oktopus Frogman series. 
A new movement, the LW08, drives the 10-24, powering the GMT, second time-zone complication as well as a day/night and an am/pm indicator. In a show of the futuristic elegance that has been a hallmark of the brand, each complication can be accessed via a pusher button that allows for ease of use. The only downside? A measly 42-hour power reserve that leaves a lot to be desired at the highest levels of horology.
Two different variations on the case-back are available as well, leaving any potential buyer spoilt for choice with 4 possible permutations. You can choose to either have the back of the watch signed by founders Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin or opt to have a custom engraving coordinated with their design team, creating a 'piece unique' that does not exist anywhere other than in your collection. 

Learn more about this special watch directly from Linde Werdelin.