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FFZERO1 Concept
September 04, 2016

First unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, the Faraday Future FFZERO1 concept combines intrinsic design elements with high-performance engineering to create a car of concepts.

This engineering marvel was born from humble beginnings; a combination of day-dream sketches of an ultramodern, high-performance electric vehicle with the Faraday Future’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), a unique system developed for electric vehicles that combines structural stability with extensive modularity. 

What makes this platform so ground-breaking is its dynamic, endlessly adaptable design. The VPA offers an unprecedented variability in vehicle design, allowing for a diverse, highly customizable fleet of cars to be produced at maximum efficiency and with minimal environmental impact. The design was done from “inside out”, allowing the focus to be on the driver and passengers’ interior experience and safety first while optimising the physical arrangement of the vehicle’s unseen systems second. 

Every aspect of the vehicle was shaped around the needs of the driver, with the vehicle enveloping the driver’s form to allow for exceptionally intuitive, ergonomic control. The driver’s seat was inspired by NASA ‘zero gravity’ design, allowing the driver to experience an unparalleled sense of weightlessness and reduce his sense of fatigue.

Another unique aspect about the FFZERO1 concept are the twin aerodynamic tunnels that run through the center of the vehicle’s body. This allows air to flow through the car’s body, hence reducing drag, improves power efficiency, increases top speeds and helps to cool the battery and motor surfaces. The car body is also made from carbon fiber, further enhancing drag minimization and maximizing energy efficiency.

The user interface of the FFZERO1 allows the driver’s smartphone to be connected directly into the car via the steering wheel, enabling real-time data visualization and interaction. The smartphone app also allows for remote setup, customized vehicle configurations and adjustable power outputs.

Without a doubt, the FFZERO1 concept by Faraday Future would usher in a new era where design meets technology to create fascinating products that serves every need of the user.