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The Debonair: Lazareth LM 847
March 05, 2016

What has four wheels, a V8 engine and 470- odd horsepower? If you were a guessing a muscle car or a new luxury automobile, you couldn't be further from the truth. Meet the new Lazareth LM 847. 

From the brilliant minds at the French company Lazareth, the LM 847 features a Maserati V12 engine, straight out of the GranTurismo, with a leaning quad chassis built around it. The name itself is an ode to the power behind the wheels. 8 cylinders and 4.7L of displacement.

Because of its 470 horsepower, a gear shift transmission is not required. Instead, a hydraulic coupling rations 457 lb-ft of torque to the dual rear chains. While we aren't really sticklers for technical details, one aspect of the LM 847 that really caught our attention was the symmetry which could be found throughout the vehicle, especially along the hand-polished stainless steel headers.

French motorcyclists have long lived under a rule that limits all motorbikes to a maximum of 100 horsepower. To celebrate the end of the 100 horsepower rule this year, Lazareth has truly pulled all the stops with a beast that provides exactly 4.7 times the previously allocated limit. The next time you are in France and you hear the roar of a Maserati coming up from behind you, hold your breath, it may just be a LM 847. 

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