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Gray International x BC Luxury (Monday Sartorialist)
February 01, 2016

Today on our Monday Sartorialist, we bring to you something very special to us, a unique collaboration with BC Luxury, one of the top luxury customisers for iPhones in the market!

What don't you know about the Advent already? Individually created from Grade 5 Titanium, the same material used in Formula One vehicles due to its extreme strength and lightweight properties, the Advent comes in 3 very exclusive finishes: the Stealth, Aurora, as well as the Mechanically Textured edition. Limited edition and numbered, with your name laser engraved on the side of the case and on the machined aluminium display case, we stand behind the Advent as the pinnacle in design and quality.

Now, you can take this one step further, by suiting up your Advent with a BC Luxury phone. More than just a phone, BC Luxury plates the back of the iPhone in precious metals such as 24k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, 950 Platinum, as well as carbon fibre. On top of that, the great design team behind the brand works with each customer to create a unique engraving with their names or any image at the back of each frame. Coming in a wooden display case, BC Luxury creates something truly personal for each individual, suited to his exact specifications. 

Together, Gray International and BC Luxury are at the forefront of iPhone luxury. We reimagine the traditional notions of quality and luxury, reinventing a normal product like the iPhone into something truly special and fit for the best.

If you are somebody who does not settle in all areas of your life, why settle for the phone in your pocket?

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