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Monday Sartorialist: The Revolutionary RMS05- More Art Than Pen
January 26, 2016

Richard Mille has never been a brand to shy away from ambition. Behind the stunning watches that the brand produces lies a deep commitment to blend art with science. Indeed, Richard Mille’s success is founded upon three pillars: "the best in technical innovation, the best of artistry and architecture, the best of the heritage and culture of fine watchmaking with hand finishing."

Now, the company has taken it to the next level with the RMS05. On a limited run, the RMS05 sees the company taking its expertise in fine watchmaking and applying it to the realm of fountain pens. We bet the folks at Mont Blanc have been shocked!

The highlight of the RMS05 must be the self-winding pen calibre, which extends the pen's 18K white gold nib. The components of the mechanism are made of Grade 5 titanium (the same material used on the Advent, if we might add) in order to allow for perfect precision and rigidity within the mechanism itself. A recoil escapement, similar to those found on clocks, also ensures the regularity and speed of the pen's nib as it automatically extends.

Made of NTPT carbon, the surface of the pen is covered with several thousand layers of carbon fibres. This very specific and intricate process that ensures that no two pens will ever be the same. It'd better be, considering it's price tag of over a $100K USD! Time to save up?