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Review on Men's Gear
November 12, 2015

Advent stealth and mechanically textured edition for iPhone 6s

This is what MensGear, the premier online digital magazine for guys who love the most luxurious gadgets had to say about us:

"More than just protective gear, these cases were designed to add a stylish touch to your phone. Each piece is made of a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium alloy and machined into a complex and precise form.  The result is a tough, lightweight bumper case that’ll keep your phone safe, without affecting the signal.  Assembling is straightforward, via the included rubber housing, which comes in black, yellow and red, for extra personalization. Made to fit the iPhone 6/6s, the limited edition Advent cases arrive in 3 special finishes: Mechanically Textured, Aurora, and the all-black Stealth.  Delivered in aerospace grade aluminum black boxes, with optional name engraving.  Sleek all the way."

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