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Introducing The Advent
August 17, 2015

At Gray International, we love all things high tech and mechanical. I remember being captivated by the mechanical galore of the transformers franchise, how the transformers evolve part by part into a being of such magnificent architecture. Or the scene in the Avengers, where Stark’s hulk buster had his damaged arm swiftly replaced by the dispenser hovering in mid-air just in time to send the charging hulk away. At such scenes, I just stare in awe, and I’m sure it’s the same for you out there.

We created the Advent for one purpose – to turn your fantasies into a reality. However at Gray International we don’t just stop there, we also wanted to bring all the qualities of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail along.

Okay, let me get you excited about this product now.

This futuristic iPhone 6/6s bumper case was coined the Advent for a very definitive reason – it spearheads the tech fashion industry with a revolutionary product that redefines design and elegance. It was created not only to serve as a protective bumper but also as the ultimate fashion accessory to your phone.

At first glance, the Advent seems like it just arrived from the future, radiating captivating visual energy. It is a case that draws inspiration from the future rather than the past to create an object of pure beauty. The geometric nature of the case using strategically placed surfaces is architecturally full of character. As such, when you look at it from different angles and turn it from one way to the other, the brilliance shimmers across its multi-faceted design creating an unmistakable appearance and unmatched sensory experience.

Each case goes through a time-consuming and painstaking machining process where a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium alloy, is machined into a form of such complexity and precision that each case requires days of work at a high-tech facility. Inheriting the ultimate strength and lightweight properties of titanium, your phone is safe from scratches and bending.

The assembly and construction of the whole case itself is ingenuity, using a rubber housing we were able to firmly assemble the case solely by frictional adhesion. Furthermore, since the titanium bumper does not come into contact with any part of the phone, there will be no form of signal loss.

We believe that a man who adorns his phone with a case from Gray International is not just wearing it for the sole purpose of protecting his phone. He wears it to celebrate to values of the brand that resonate within him; the values of craftsmanship, innovation and daringness into the unknown which goes into every product that we create.