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Debonair: The Klipsch Klipschorn 70th Anniversary Edition
June 04, 2016

As the only loudspeaker in the world to be continuously produced for 70 years, the Klipschorn is an icon in both design and sound quality. To celebrate 70 years at the top, the team at Klipsch have unveiled a limited run of 70 very special horns, each piece handmade in Hope, Arizona- just the way Paul W. Klipsch used to.

Made to bring the classic movie house sound to the regular homeowner, the Klipschorn's patented low-frequency horn integrates the floor and walls into the listening experience, improving the spread and efficiency of low frequency sound while offering the most efficient use of space possible. In the anniversary edition, the horn has been improved upon and is now fully enclosed, offering more placement versatility instead of being just limited to the corner. This is, as Klipsch insists, a design that simply cannot be improved upon according to the laws of Physics.

And it's not just on the inside where the 70th anniversary Klipschorn shines. Unique to the anniversary edition is the use of Australian Walnut, a wood that is usually a pale-golden hue highly contrasted with darker streaks of chocolate brown, grey, black or even pink. Coupled with the spectacular natural grains of the Australian Walnut is the use of a new nameplate and grill cloth, which lends the Klipschorn a classic aesthetic.  

Trust the good people at Klipsch to come up with the perfect homage to their most iconic speaker, a design so classic that it has become the standard bearer for all loudspeakers ever since. More on the Klipschorn here.

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