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Connoisseur's Choice: The Casio G-Shock MR-G Limited Edition 'Hammer Tone'
April 06, 2016

Few watches embody the term 'utility' like a Casio G-Shock. At its core, the G-Shock is a genuine tool watch, armed with a swiss army knife of features. In an age whereby many brands simply present an example of what the tool watch once was, the honesty that G-Shock stands for is particularly refreshing. We are sure that many hikers, paramedics, soldiers and even athletes around the world would stand by our claim that a G-Shock is built to be used.

Enter the MR-G limited edition 'Hammer Tone'. For $6,200; more than the price of a Speedmaster, you can walk home the proud owner of a G-Shock. We implore you to read the  sentence above again, for we have never imagined that one day this would happen. Yet, the price of the quartz Hammer Tone seems strangely appropriate once one understands what the it stands for.

Although G-Shocks have never been built to be expensive timepieces, the Hammer Tone stands as the exception to the rule. Released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the high end line of G-Shocks, the MR-G, the Hammer Tone sits comfortably in the space between practicality and beauty. While remaining faithful to its' G-Shock heritage- water resistant, shock resistant, GPS enabled and Tough Solar, the watch derives its novelty, and price, from the tsuiki patterns throughout the watch.

In collaboration with renowned Japanese artisan Bihou Asano, Casio has managed to bring incorporate the signature tsuiki pounded finish to the watch. An ancient Japanese method of decorating armour and weapons, the tsuiki finish on the Hammer Tone is brought out on a special Japanese Oboro-gin (silver-grey) finish that was traditionally used on these weapons, giving the timepiece a distinctive lustre. On the screws and buttons, the watch also features an Akagane (copper) finish, giving it a brilliant finish. Learning from such traditional methods, Casio attempts to pay tribute to its Japanese heritage.

Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide, you can bet that the Hammer Tone would be snapped up quickly by G-Shock aficionados. This is a timepiece to be taken seriously, yet durable enough of being worn on a daily basis. For more information, do check out the official release site by Casio.

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