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Connoisseur's Choice: The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Reference 6300G
March 21, 2016

Just in from Basel World 2016, the Grandmaster Chime reference 5175 – the most complicated Patek wristwatch ever made is back, this time in white gold.


First introduced in 2014 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe, the original Grandmaster Chime was announced as a special six piece limited edition, with all the buyers of the $2.5million dollar timepiece being individually chosen by Patek Philippe to recognise their support for the brand.This year, the first ever wristwatch with both a Grande and Petite sonnerie is back, albeit with a new reference, a new case material, and without the ordinate engravings on the original.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the Grandmaster Chime is the grande and petite sonnerie, which marks the time with a beautiful chime as on a grandfather clock. However, the beauty of the piece does not end with the chime, for it includes a bevy of other complications, ranging from an alarm, a date repeater, a second time zone, and a perpetual calendar, making it the most complex wristwatch that Patek has ever made. 

Coming in two dials, five different striking chimes, 20 different complications, and 1,580 components in each, the Grandmaster Chime is nothing short of what you would expect from the men behind Patek Philippe.

While the key complication in the Grandmaster Chime is the grande and petite sonnerie, which strikes the time automatically as it passes like a grandfather clock, it include a slew of other complications. Those include an alarm, date repeater that chimes out the date, second time zone, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar.

While we are certainly cheering that this innovative masterpiece is now accessible to more people, with the price also dropping from $2.5million to $2.2million, we know that there are 6 people out there who are probably getting a bit angry that they no longer have the most exclusive timepiece on earth. To be fair however, the 6300G doesn't come close to the original 5175, entirely hand-engraved in a laurel-wreath motif, in the looks department. 

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