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Velocity: The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept
March 10, 2016
To commemorate 100 years of innovation, BMW marked the occasion in the only way the brand knows how: by looking forward into the future of automotive transportation and bringing it to us in the present. Introducing, the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept.

"Future mobility will connect every area of people’s lives," said Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management of BMW AG. "That’s where we see new opportunities for premium mobility." Indeed, the only familiar thing about the Vision Next 100 is the signature Kidney grille from BMW. Beyond that, the concept harks from a distant future, in a time when the 'analog' and the 'digital' world combine and interact with one another to provide a seamless experience for the user.

The design journey begins with the windshield, which has an augmented reality display, which replaces the traditional dashboard display and provides real time traffic and weather updates.

Additionally, BMW incorporates a technology they call Alive Geometry. This consists of 800 individually moving triangles embedded onto the dashboard itself, which provide visual cues for both the driver and the passenger, warning them of oncoming vehicles as well as informing them about turns, acceleration, and braking.

As with many concept cars of late, the Vision Next 100 does not take sides in the self-driving debate but instead presents two modes of use. In 'Boost' mode, the car helps the driver to achieve optimal efficiency with his ride, signalling the ideal driving line through the windscreen and also allowing for maximum safety by automatically adjusting the seat and steering wheel to give the driver the safest view out of the car. The central console would also be adjusted automatically to ensure that the driver has access to all settings via an intelligent gesture control system.

On the other hand, the 'Ease' mode allows the car to be turned into an entertainment system when driving is automated. In this mode, the seat and steering wheels are adjusted for maximum comfort, with the windshield clouded to be used for entertainment, turning it into a projector. An intelligent 'Companion' also studies the driving habits of the driver so that it can perform some daily tasks as well as advise the drivers on how best to complete others. 

With 100 years of innovation behind them, the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept is a clear signal from the brand that it is not prepared to slow down. In line with this, a slew of other Vision Next 100 Concepts are set to be rolled out from the BMW brand this year, including the MINI 100 and the Rolls Royce 100. Meanwhile, let us enjoy this while we can, and take a peek into a future that excites.

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