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Unmanned Fighter Jet Drones

April 07, 2019

Why unmanned fighter jet drones might be the future. 

Early this year, the U.S. Airforce completed the first test flights of its new A.I. powered stealth fighter jet drone - the Valkyrie XQ58-A. The Valkyrie was designed to fly alongside a piloted aircraft and provide mission support as part of the Air Force’s “Loyal Wingman” program. 

The “Loyal Wingman” program as the name suggests aims to have these fighter drones assist in surveillance, participate in electronic warfare, fire upon an enemy target and “take one for the team" if needed. In the future, the military could equip these loyal wingman drones with artificial intelligence, sensitive surveillance equipment, and advanced weaponry. Soldiers could stay out of harm’s way by using these drones to fly high-risk missions into enemy territory.

Our thoughts: 

It is no wonder experts are suggesting that A.I. is the next arms race as with superior A.I. comes superior military force. As the world transitions from humans operating machines to humans assisting machines, it is inevitable that in the near future machines will soon become autonomous and perform far better than humans. How these autonomous machines perform against other autonomous machines would go back to how effective it’s A.I. is. 

How will the balance of power change in the world a few years from now? Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram Post.

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