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Zebra Boat

May 30, 2017

A timeless design, imbued with the latest technology. That’s the Zebra boat for you. An electric boat designed by Parisian industrial designer Dimitri Bez, the Zebra is inspired by the iconic 1947 Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat, and harks of old-world Monaco charm. Outfitted with a unique set of ‘Zebra’ stripes, diagonally placed wood and chrome slats, the boat complements its classic aesthetic with modern technology, bringing to the water a high performance electric motor and a curved OLED touchscreen tablet for the dashboard. 

The concept takes clean lines and soft-hard surfaces to new terrains, creating a boat that, if actualised, looks to be an instant icon. One thing’s for sure, the Zebra is made clearly for the man who sees the beauty in both the traditional aesthetic and modern innovation, and strives to bring the two together in the present. Discover more from the man himself, Dimitri Bez.