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The Ressence Type 5G

March 01, 2017

In the universe of horology, few create watches as spectacular- and as wearable as Ressence. Bursting into the scene about 5 years ago with the Ressence 1, Benoit Mintiens and his team have truly done something special, reinventing the telling of time in a unique way that makes you wonder- why hasn’t anybody thought of that before? Today, we look to understand the brand, and its technologies better through the lens of its latest example, the Type 5G.

It is important to note, as Mintiens insists, that the Type 5 is the most ‘watch-like’ model to ever emerge from the Ressence workshop. Primarily a diver’s watch, the Type 5 features a case, lugs, and even a diving bezel, never before seen on a Ressence, with both the Type 1 and Type 3 featuring organic shapes, only vaguely resembling a traditional mechanical watch.

Touted to be the most legible diving watch ever, the Type 5 is based on the Type 3, retaining the innovative display system that involves magnets and an oil-filled chamber that allows the display to ‘float’ in oil, eliminating any reflections that would normally occur with a traditional watch. Legible from any angle, even under water, the Type 5 is indeed one of, if not the most, legible watches we have ever seen.

A little more about the display system. There are actually two separate chambers in the watch, separated by a titanium plate. The top section contains the indication discs and is filled with oil, while the bottom contains the movement, with magnets that match up to the discs above and control them through the titanium plate. In order to achieve this, Ressence had to overcome the tendency of oil to expand and contract as the temperature changes. To that end, the company introduced an internal bellows system in order to regulate the levels of the watch. This means that uniquely to Ressence, a temperature gauge is necessary in order to inform the users of the safe operating temperatures.

The Type 5G features a grade-five titanium case that has a microbilled finish. Importantly, it features a uni-directional bezel, with protrusions that aid in the turning of the bezel and bright numerals at the 10 minute intervals. Filled with SuperLuminova, the Ressence is a watch made to dive, something that we cannot say for all the ‘dive’ watches present in the industry today. While officially 46mm in diameter, the Type 5 actually feels really small on the wrist, instead feeling extremely Ressence- organic bordering on shy. The watch truly blends into you. 

Priced at $35,800- less than the Type 3, the Type 5 is a watch for the man who knows his stuff, and values innovation and technical excellence. Discover more, and find out how to read the watch if you don’t already, through the interactive display on the official Ressence website.