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The HYT H0

April 18, 2017

Whether you love what you see from HYT or not, there are no denying two things: that you will instantly recognise a HYT when you see one, and that without a doubt, the brand is into some seriously cool tech. Dubbing themselves ‘extreme alchemists’, the team’s Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers have done just what their name says they do, mixing mechanics and liquids within a wristwatch for a truly interesting take on telling time. Today, we take a look at the brand, the technology, and most importantly, the all new HYT H0.

Armed with an understanding of fluid mechanics as well as the latest in watchmaking technology and engineering, HYT takes on the incredible challenge of indicating the time with water. More specifically, it introduces bellows into the watchmaking movement, which are driven by pistons that drive the liquid in the reservoir. These pistons are in turn powered by a more conventional mechanical movement. The main challenge here is finding an interface between the mechanical movement and the hydro-system in a closed, waterproof circuit within tight conditions. To overcome this challenge, HYT assembles both the mechanical movement and the hydro-system separately, ensuring that they are made independent of each other before fitting them to operate simultaneously. As for the liquid that catches the eye of any observer? The total volume is measured to an exacting degree, to ensure that the liquid does not move around too fast, destroying the meniscus.

All that sounds unbearably boring to the casual reader, but the end result is nothing less than spectacular. In the H0, the brand takes the hydro-mechanical concept back to basics, focusing on the visual and emotional possibilities of the literal flow of time. Visually, the H0 is inspired by a pebble, worn smooth by water. This fits into the goal of the HYT to challenge everything, taking the H0 to new, yet very humble extremes. On the watcn, the Hydro-Mechanics technology takes the form of a slim glass capillary that circles around the dial to show the hours, with the minutes and seconds, as well as the power reserve, being represented more traditionally with sub-dials across the face of the watch.

With almost no edges on the watch, the crystal of the H0 curves around the case, almost enveloping it. This allows for the wearer an unobstructed view of the dial and fluid display from all angles. Featuring a hefty 48.8mm titanium case that comes in at 17.9mm in thickness, the HYT is not a wristwatch to sit innocuously on your wrist, instead almost screaming for attention with its size. There will be three iterations of the H0, each with the same basic form.

Powering the watch is a mechanical manual winding movement made by HYT. Beating at 28,800 hertz with a 65 hour power reserve, the movement is not to be trifled with, by all accounts, and lends some legitimacy to what the purists would otherwise deem to be a ‘novelty’ timepiece. Priced at 39,000 CHF, the H0 is the least expensive non-limited edition HYT available in the market. Discover directly from the HYT team here.