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The Bugatti Niniette 66

March 08, 2017

In the eyes of many, Bugatti represents the height of motoring excellence. The makers of some of the world’s most powerful and exclusive production sports cars, the Molsheim manufacture never fails to impress. While Bugatti flexes its muscles in the motoring scene, in the water, the familiar name of Palmer Johnson rings loud. Arguably the world’s most innovative yacht manufacturer, the brand from Monaco has its place in the history of yacht manufacturing with its innovative use of materials.

It is therefore with great excitement that we introduce today the Bugatti Niniette 66. Designing the incomparable, Molsheim and Monaco come together to present a yacht that compliments the silhouette of the Chiron.

Nearly a century old, luxury yacht builder Palmer Johnson was founded in 1918 by boat builders Hans Johnson and Herman Gmack. Initially focusing on high-quality wooden sailing yachts, Palmer Johnson soon developed innovative aluminium motor and sailing yacht construction technology, and can be credited as one of the first manufacturers to bring stainless steel into the water. It broke ground in 1979, creating the Fortuna for King Juan Carlos of Spain, the worlds fastest super-yacht for a decade.

On the other end of the collaboration, Bugatti is a brand that our readers must be familiar with. We have covered the brand from Molsheim numerous times, most recently here. Established in 1909, Bugatti is best known today for its work with the Veyron and the Chiron. With each vehicle mostly hand-assembled, the exclusivity of each Bug is well renowned, with only 450 Veyrons being produced from 2005-2015 and the new Chiron being limited to only 500 units. Owned by the Volkswagen Group since 1998, Bugatti has continued to maintain its high degree of specialisation, hiring a team of only 300 expert craftsman to bring their designs into reality.

Interestingly, Bugatti was once a boat builder too. Commissioned to develop a one of a kind speedboat in 1930 by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi, Ettore Bugatti named his creation the Niniette- the pet name of his youngest daughter Lidia. The Niniette 66, therefore, is the culmination of a shared vision of the future of luxury. When Bugatti and Palmer Johnson met the first time with the idea of a joint project in early 2015, the goal was clear: to create an innovative sport yacht based on the strengths of the two companies, while echoing the unmistakable design DNA of Bugatti.

“The Niniette is a genuine member of the Bugatti family,” explains Etienne Salomé, Design Director at Bugatti. With its accentuated centre line and the duotone colour split of the exterior, it encompasses key elements of Bugatti’s heritage. True to the company’s guiding design principle of ‘form follows performance’, the clear lines and dynamic stance of the yacht in combination with the characteristic Bugatti signature line are a reference to the recently launched Chiron.

On the technical front, the Niniette features an innovative hull design that combines a slender main hull with with two sponsons on the side that have a aids in stability and roll dampening even at high speeds, allowing for a wilder build compared to other yachts in its class. The extensive use of carbon fibre adds to the yachts structural rigidity, while reducing weight and increasing efficiency. All this combines to provide an experience unlike any other, allowing for a roomy master suite- featuring soft leather, polished metal, suede and carbon no less, a marble-clad guest bathroom and a gallery kitchen. On the deck, guests will be treated to a fire-pit, jacuzzi, sunpads and even a champagne bar. And, staying true to the shared past of both companies for producing fast vehicles, the Niniette is capable of reaching top speeds of 44 knots, ensuring the perfect Bahamas cruise. With unique Bugatti designed helm chairs and a futuristic command system to boot, we simply don’t see it getting much better than this.

Those interested should get their orders in soon: Only 66 examples of the Limited Edition Bugatti Niniette 66 sport yacht will be made. Discover more from Bugatti.