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Philippe Starck & Great Design

February 09, 2017

To the team at Gray, nothing seems to come close to a design by Philippe Starck. Born in 1949, the Frenchman has become synonymous with great design. Waving his wand across interior, product, industrial and architectural design, Starck’s design language of simplicity and inventiveness has come to shape a generation of designers. Today, we chart his growth, honouring the milestones of his work, in an attempt to understand the inspiration behind Gray.

The son of a French aeronautical engineer, Philippe Starck was born in Paris, studying interior architecture and design at the Parisian École Camondo. In 1969, Starck began his fascination with design and architecture when he was asked to imagine an inflatable structure. As his designs developed, he was eventually led to Pierre Cardin, who installed Starck as the artistic director of the Cardin publishing house. It was under Cardin that Starck set up his first industrial design company, Starck product. He only truly emerged as a French superstar, however, in 1983, when he was tasked with furnishing the private rooms of the French President François Mitterand in the Elysée Palace in 1983. A short time later, the interior design of the Parisian Café Costes made Starck an international star. 

His focus on innovative design and a playful approach to visual perceptions and materials have led to Starck becoming one of the foremost designers of the 20th and the 21st century, with his creations holding a permanent place in museums and exhibitions around the globe and garnering public attention unlike any of his contemporaries. With a vision to use design to enhance life for the greatest possible number of people, regardless of its specific form. Starck has designed almost everything from café chairs to toothbrushes, from stools to hotels. Starck’s well of creativity runs deep, and he is constantly full of surprises. Here are some of his highlights in the product space.

  • Mega-Yacht - The Hamilton
  • Parrot Zik Headphones
  • Phillipe Starck Alessi Homeware
  • Richard Mille x Starck

hamilton mega yacht

Mega Yacht - The Hamilton

(Parrot Zik Headphones)
ales starck juice squeezer
Phillipe Starck Alessi Homeware
richard mille and starck
Richard Mille by STARCK