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MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

June 02, 2017

We’ve been down this road before. As ardent admirers of the great minds over at MB&F, we have covered their work extensively, most recently over the captivating Destination Moon. Yet again, we bring you the latest scoop.


“The year is 2017, and the aliens have landed.” MB&F have taken their iconic Horlogical Machine N°6 into the future, with the Alien Nation edition, four piece unique creations that come to represent the very best of MB&F.

The original HM6, which debuted towards the end of 2014, featured a curvy titanium case, broken by five sapphire bubbles that showed the tourbillon in the middle, as well as the rotating time display. This time, we see a shift in the design principles of the HM6, resulting in an entirely different animal. Enclosed completely in sapphire crystal, the Alien Nation’s body is entirely transparent, allowing you to gaze into the gorgeous mechanical creation within. To achieve this, the team had to utilise 12 separate sapphire components, spending over 510 hours of machining and polishing in order to achieve the desired effect.


Within lies the HM6 engine that we have come to be familiar with, developed with the help of renowned watchmaker David Candaux. What’s different is the addition of the alien ‘crew’ to the spaceship. True to form, the aliens have landed, with six white gold alien figurines, each with necks slimmer than a single grain of sand, making a home out of the Alien Nation.


What sets the Alien Nation apart from the pack, and each piece apart from the other, lies in the use and colour of the lume. Each of the four pieces will be made with either turquoise, green, purple, or blue lume, with a strip of AGT Ultra, the same lume used for the Black Badger editions, wrapped around the caseband and a SuperLuminova coat on the time display, winding mechanism and tourbillon cage. All this makes for a stunning effect that can only comprehended in pictures, hence below.

Amazingly, all four editions of the Alien Nation have been sold, at a price of $500,000 each, all to a single longtime collector. Sometimes, all you can do is to dream. Discover more from MB&F.