Luxury for the Crypto-Affluent: Introducing the Aditus Network

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Luxury for the Crypto-Affluent: Introducing the Aditus Network

December 03, 2017

The Spirit of the Future, Engineered Today. The GRAY team has sought to realise this goal through our creations since day one, striving to bring luxury and technology together in our image. Today, we spotlight a company working to realise the same goals, but through the perspective of blockchain technology. Introducing the Aditus Network.

Barely a week ago, the value of bitcoin reached a record high of $10,000USD, marking yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency community that just a couple of months ago, was celebrating the value of bitcoin reaching $1,000USD. 

What does this mean for all the newly minted crypto-affluents? It is apparent that there currently exists an awkward relationship between these crypto-affluents and the traditional luxury community. On one hand, many crypto-affluents are frustrated that the luxury industry is slow to warm up to them, and many of the exclusive events, services and products remain closed off to them, leaving them excluded by merchants. On the other, luxury brands continue to struggle with how to reach out to the crypto-affluent community, understanding their needs and acknowledging their rightful place among the 1%. Few luxury merchants have come to embrace cryptocurrency as a viable form of payments, and many more are grasping with the notion that the crypto-affluent are a more reserved, privacy-conscious group that requires more attention.

This problem of access, on both sides of the coin is what Aditus is attempting to resolve. As the first dedicated luxury access platform serving crypto-affluents, Aditus aims to create a decentralised platform to empower crypto-users to enjoy a platform into the world of luxury products and services in complete privacy, allowing them to make purchases with the crypto-currency of their choice. For merchants, this means access to a new niche of customers, engaging with them without a middleman while continuing to respect their privacy.

The model is a simple one, but such is the power of the blockchain that it is impossible to envision it occurring anywhere else. Users will always maintain full control of their data, free from any surveillance by both Aditus or a third party without the User's express consent. As the team puts it, think of Aditus as equivalent to a top tier credit card rewards program, but built exclusively for the crypto-affluent.

Founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs in the luxury industry, the team is well poised to provide a new frontier for luxury technology, augmented by a strong core of blockchain developers to ensure that its foundations of encryption, smart contracts and payment gateways are secure for the crypto-affluent.

Discover more about the Aditus Network on their official website here.