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The Lazareth Wazuma V8F

April 14, 2017

Imagine the man who has it all. A fancy car, a nice yacht, an expensive watch, and a glass of whiskey to boot. Buying a gift for such a man would be an incredibly tall order, for his taste is about as precise and discerning as the man himself. Lazareth aims to tackle this very issue through the Wazuma V8F, the luxury quad bike of the future.

We’ve talked about Lazareth before, way back when they released the LM-847. Since then, both Lazareth and the Niche Factor have taken significant strides forward, but our fascination with the French manufacture remains a constant: be it two, three, or four wheels, Lazareth never fails to deliver excitement with every release. The Wazuma V8F proves to be no exception.

Powered by no less than a Ferrari 3.0L V8 engine coupled by a BMW M3 sequential gearbox, the Wazuma is already jam packed with speed as it is. However, stock-level crazy is never enough for Ludovic Lazareth, who has gone on to modify the engine to incorporate two Yamaha R1 injection ramps, allowing the rider to over-rev the engine, generating an output of 250hp at 500kg. Did we mention that the engine is a Ferrari V8?

Lazareth has also taken the liberty to reconfigure the gearbox, allowing the gearshifts to be completed using only two buttons on the handlebars. Riding on bespoke Ohlins dampers as well as custom 18-inch wheels, the body of the Wazuma has been thoughtfully engineered to bring the most out of the over-powered engine. According to the team, this means making most of the components in-house, including the fiberglass body panels, aluminium swing-arms, and even the composite trim.

As for the aesthetics? Just this once, we will let the pictures speak for themselves. Like something out of Bruce Wayne’s Manor, the Wazuma V8F takes on an unbelievably sleek silhouette, and might just look as good as it rides. Just note that this is not your ordinary quad bike. For more information, head on over to Lazareth direct.