Introducing the Advent for the iPhone X and 8

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Introducing the Advent for the iPhone X and 8

September 26, 2017
The Spirit of the Future, Engineered Today.
GRAY brings the future of luxury into the present with the Advent Aurora, the most expensive iPhone X case in the world.

Singapore, 20 September 2017 --- Finally, a case that looks as good as your new iPhone X. GRAY, a Singapore based luxury brand, introduces the Advent Aurora, the most expensive iPhone X case in the world- priced even higher than the iPhone X itself.

Each Advent begins its life as a solid block of aerospace grade titanium before being machined into its signature aesthetic, with a series of multi-faceted lines that draw inspiration from supercars while providing for an ergonomic fit for the user. The titanium body is then subjected to a flame treatment by GRAY’s team of master craftsmen in Singapore in order to achieve the stunning Aurora finish. Individually hand-torched, each piece is truly unique due to the random formation of colours during the treatment process, creating an experience that can be enjoyed from each of the Advent’s many angles.

The luxury experience carries on into the assembly of the Advent itself. Setting itself apart from the pack, the Advent is secured with a seamless friction fit assembly that protects the iPhone while allowing its best features to continue to be seen. The Advent and the iPhone 8 work in harmony, each blending into the other to bring to life a mechanical creation unrivalled in conception and execution. The Advent is presented in a display machined out of aerospace grade aluminium. Precision machined, the display is black anodized and provides a companion for the Advent to rest when not in use.

Priced at $1295 USD, the Advent Aurora is the most expensive iPhone X case in the world. Along with the Aurora, the Advent will be released in Stealth, Gold and Rose Gold editions, as well as for the iPhone 8. Discover more at

About GRAY

GRAY is creating the luxury products of the future, brought to life by hyper-modern designs, the use of advanced materials and the integration of technology. Traditional luxury brands have gone stale, and have been slow to adapt to innovation. Frustrated by this, GRAY aims to disrupt the luxury industry, capturing the spirit of the future and engineering it today. Discover more at

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