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Daymak C5 Blast Ultimate Go-Kart

May 24, 2017

Imagine a Go-Kart. Now imagine the fastest one on the planet, one capable of going from 0 to 60 in under 1.5 seconds. Who needs one? Nobody. Who wants one? Well, just about every thrill seeker on the planet, and many more.

This is the premise that Daymark began with when it came to developing the all new C5 Blast Ultimate Go-Kart, pushing the envelope our preconceptions of the realm of possibilities in Go-Kart technology and bringing to us a Kart that can accelerate quicker than an F1 car.

Using 12 EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) motors, eight on each side of the driver and four behind him, the C5 Blast is made incredibly light, and impossibly fast. Did we mention 100% electric? Yes, 100% electric!

The C5 Blast Ultimate will set you back £34,000, which is just about the least amount that you would expect to pay for a vehicle that can run so fast. Each unit is custom built and tested by Daymak in Toronto, to ensure the highest standards of quality in production and execution. Discover more from Daymark here!