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Apple HomePod

June 07, 2017

Think different. “We want to reinvent home music”, said Apple CEO Tim Cook, and so they did. Meet the HomePod, Apple’s attempt at combining a smart speaker with a good speaker, something that amazingly nobody had ever thought to do before.

Combining the best of Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver high-fidelity sound throughout the room, the HomePod packs a punch within its elegant exterior. A high-excursion woofer has been developed specifically for the HomePod, allowing it to play a wide range of bass with the help of a custom amplifier. The HomePod’s OS has also been optimised for maximum performance, using an algorithm to continuously analyse the music in order to achieve smooth, distortion-free sound. Aided by seven beamforming tweeters at its base, the speaker delivers truly immersive 360 degrees audio, creating a sense of space and depth.


HomePod can also scan the space around it in order to optimise audio accordingly, adjusting the sound based on the speaker’s location. Whether up against the wall or in the middle of the room, Apple has ensured that equality has been achieved in an immersive listening experience for all.

And then there is Siri. Powered by an Apple A8 chip, Siri is brought to life in the HomePod, acting as your very own DJ and curating playlists for you. You can also talk to the speaker to play anything in your Apple Music library, with even vague requests such as “I like this song”, prompting Siri to curate similar tracks. Of course, the traditional Siri queries such as news headlines work too, and an integration with HomeKit devices ensures that the Siri module punches above its weight, allowing you to potentially control your entire home remotely.


Costing $349 USD and coming in either white or space grey, HomePod is unfortunately not ready for its grand reveal, and the first shipment in the US, UK and Australia will only come in December 2017, with other countries only getting their fix in 2018. Discover more from Apple direct.