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Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

April 06, 2017

Impractical, inefficient and terrifying. That is how Alpha Centauri describes their first prototype, the Hydroplane. Designed to be the Lamborghini of the seas, the Hydroplane is indeed all that and more. However, just like a Lamborghini, we can’t help but want one for ourselves. Read more below to find out just why.

Looking like something out of Batman’s garage, the Hydroplane sets a very bold statement for Alpha Centauri as a brand, being its flagship line. Built to combine the luxury of a super-yacht tender with the speed of a hydroplaning race-boat, this beast is comfortable going fast and smooth, riding atop the waves with a precision that is a joy to behold.

It sits up to four passengers, with the cabin accessible only via an impressive lifting canopy. In ensuring that it is built for speed, on-board luxuries have been kept to a minimum. Yet, it still boasts four full leather bucket seats, a Raymarine navigation system, as well as a Rockford-Fosgate speaker system for the well-heeled connoisseur.

On the inside, the Hydroplane is powered by a 9.5 litre Chevrolet V8 engine that puts out 750 hp, coupled by a two-stage Scott jet-drive. At its peak, the Alpha Centauri is capable of speeds of up to 60 knots, making it among the fastest superyacht tenders in the world. If that is not enough for you, the company will be offering a super-charged version capable of over 1,000 hp.

Alpha Centauri is now taking orders for 2017, with prices starting at about $150,000. This is ultimately a proof of concept, but if successful, it will make for an extremely interesting one. Either way, we will be keeping a lookout for more. Keep updated on the Alpha Centauri here.